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10 Easy Tips To Save 100 Litres Of Water A Day

10 Tips To Save  100Litres Of Water

Here are 10 tips to save 100 litres of water a day, brought to you by HomePure. With 97.5% of all of the world’s water locked in seas, rivers, and oceans, which are too salty or too polluted to be consumed, it is very important to use this natural resource carefully. We don’t just drink water, we also need it for essential services like crop production. It is more important than ever to do whatever we can at home to reduce the strain on freshwater supplies. So let’s save some water!

1. Turn Off Your Taps

Did you know that by collecting water in a mug, and using that water while brushing your teeth, you are actually saving 6 litres per minute? By turning off the taps while you brush your teeth and fixing leaky taps, you will send up saving at least 60 litres a week.

2. Eat Seasonal Food

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By making a conscious choice to eat food that is seasonal, you are helping conserve water AND helping with climate change. Fruits and vegetables that are not local or seasonal require a lot of water to produce. Where possible, buy local, but most importantly, buy food that is in season.

3. Take Power Showers

A 10-minute shower costs you 90 litres of water. Isn’t that shocking? By reducing the amount of time you spend in a shower by half, you save at least 45 litres of water! Turning showers off while you lather up is also a great way to save water.

4. Save Up Dirty Clothes For A Full Load

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If possible, wait to do your laundry till you have a full load of dirty clothes, especially if you are using a washing machine. A full machine load of clothes uses less water and energy than if you did your laundry whenever you felt like it, saving you at least 52 litres per week.

5. Steam Your Veggie

Instead of boiling vegetables, steam your food. You only require less than half of the water, and your vegetables will retain their taste and nutrients. If you are boiling, reuse that water in your other cooking – to make a stock or sauce, for example.

6. Get A Dual Flush Toilet

An average family flushes their toilets at least 5000 times a year, which adds up to 13 litres per flush. If you change your toilet tank to a dual flush system, you would only flush 6 litres or 4 litres on a reduced flush. Imagine how much water you would save in a year!

7. Reduce Food Waste

The cereal, grains and vegetables you eat take a lot of water to produce. Nearly half of the food thrown in the bin could actually be eaten. Not only will buying only what you need save you a lot of money, but you would also be doing your bit to stop water wastage. For some handy tips on how to reduce food waste, visit Love Food Hate Waste.

8. Wash Up The Old Fashioned Way

If you have a dishwasher, make sure it is fully loaded before you use it. Similar to a washing machine, a full load saves more water than if you do half loads. But the best way to save water is to do it how our parents used to do it – with a good old-fashioned soak in a washing bowl. Soak your dishes in a tub of water, and rinse in another bowl of clean water.

9. Make Greener Choices

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As much fun as hose pipe is, it uses up to 1000 litres of water per hour! Using a watering can or a bucket while you garden or wash your car will save you so many litres of water a day. Collecting rainwater is another way to capture freshwater. Installing rainwater tanks will save you 5,000 litres of water a year.

10. Buy A Water Filter

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Your HomePure water filter not only helps save water but also helps save the planet. When you filter your water, you ensure that all your water is used. By using a filter, you are reducing the use of plastic water bottles which in turn reduces plastic pollution. It takes 8.5 litres of water to produce one plastic bottle. Imagine how much water you are helping conserve in a year by swapping to the HomePure water filter and your reusable water bottle!

We only have one planet, and our resources are limited. It is so important to do our bit to take care of it. Which of these water-saving tips will you try over the next year? Do you have any water saving tips you could share with us? We would love to know. Leave us a comment.

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