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5 Best Study Spots for E-Learning (Cheap & Reliable)

Top 5 Best Study Spot for E-Learning (Cheap & Reliable)

Finding the best study spots for to e-learners is Crutial. While learning has become more on mobile, all the more one needs to carve out that sweet spot to study, especially when most of us are used to multiple windows and multi-tasking.

Which of these five best study spots appeal to you?

#1 Make Your Study Spot

A home can be filled with distractions, so it helps to “Kondo-fy” (after Marie Kondo) and make the space inspire productivity. Know what you’re after in the best study spots – whether it’s at a study desk, on a rug against large pillows, or maybe while you stand for certain amounts of time. It’s your study corner, your way, your rules. As the philosophy goes: visualise the space and recreate it to cater to your study needs.

The Kitchen

They say that the best study spot is the one you will have to leave, so you resist the urge to do everything (think: eat, sleep, Netflix) there. The kitchen has been a popular backdrop for studying in most family shows, likely because of how purposeful it is. To help keep time and remain more efficient with studying, the kitchen would be ideal. Best of all, all your favourite brain foods are within reach!

One hot tip: for kitchens with high counters, try standing up as you study to refocus and shake off any sluggish feelings.

Best Study Spot for E-Learning

The Neighbourhood Cafe

Cafes have always been a place to not just socialize, but to settle in and refocus. For some people, it helps to be away from home and among a crowd of people with its own kind of noise. Cafes offer great food, drink, and its own source of comfort. The catch is, you will be at the mercy of their available seats and internet connection. But if you find a trustworthy café with a tasty menu and friendly staff, stick to it. Patronise them often and they’ll make sure they’ll save your favourite seat.


Whoever would have thought that the library would only become cooler in the digital age? Libraries are still considered the best study spots. They have evolved with the times by offering serviceable computer workstations, outlets, and even wi-fi service. Best of all, it’s almost complete silence, which allows you to concentrate better and work faster. It’s cheap, reliable, and likely has a branch close to you.

Cheap Study Spot for E-Learning

Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces offer what they call “hot desks”, or a table for one to a group of people, which they charge by the hour. The charge covers amenities such as high-speed wi-fi, refillable coffee, tea, and even basic concierge services such as receiving snail mail or use of a landline. They’re also known for their hip office decoration and co-work socials. They are on the pricey side, but for comfort and security – it’s worth every penny.

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