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6 Essential Tips To Rock Your Next Business Presentation

Want to rock your next business presentation and take it from average to stellar? Here are 6 essential tips we’ve put together to help you. Whether you get anxious before your presentations or you feel you could do better, these 6 tips will help you learn how to rock your next business presentation by giving you the tools to build a solid foundation wherever you’re presenting, and whatever the subject matter.

1. Pick A Proper Venue

Choosing the right venue isn’t as simple as picking one that’s within your budget and then not thinking about anything else. You need to consider if a venue can accommodate the enthusiasm of your QNET family. This not only means having enough square footage but also be in a neighbourhood that isn’t daunted by our loud cheers. The venue should also be fitted with the equipment you’d need for a professional business presentation – the right speakers, monitors, presentation technology and equipment. But more than that, it needs to provide the basics of good lighting, good ventilation and good Wi-Fi.

When it’s time for your presentation, arrive at the venue way ahead of time to check that everything is working, and also to welcome your guests. And never leave the room during the presentation or your guests might follow you out. It is also very distracting to both guests and speakers.

2. Inform and Invite Your Uplines And Mentors

Your Uplines and your mentors are veterans in network marketing, and more specifically in prospecting. Including them is a great way to get feedback on what you could do better and what you should do more of. Most importantly, you can leverage their guidance in a way most people can’t. Having them there and knowing that they once went through the same thing you did is not only a great source of comfort but also a unique learning opportunity. Take advantage of it.

3. Be Prepared. Don’t Wing It

You may have heard the QNET pitch countless times, and may have given them numerous times yourself. But no matter how fluent you are in the QNET Compensation Plan, having a presentation outline and following it should be a priority. Keep it timed and remember to follow the QNETPRO pledge and only use official QNET presentation and training materials to avoid misrepresentation of the products and the business opportunity.

Once you know what you’re going to say, start practising. Present in front of your family, your friends, or even just in front of the mirror. The more you say it, the more natural it’ll come. This is a great way for them to give you feedback and correct your posture or even your content.

4. Know Your Audience

There’s nothing an audience loves more than a presenter who knows their stuff. Learn as much as you can about your audience and tailor your presentation towards them. While it is a lot more work than just walking in and talking about QNET, it is better to know what motivates your audience, how much they know about direct selling, or even what their reason is to attend your presentation.

Figure out exactly what your audience wants from the presentation and then build everything around that. Even knowing if they are introverted or extroverted can help add elements to your presentation that will engage all kinds of learners. Remember that your presentation is all about your audience and your goal is to get them to learn something, and to trust you.

5. Attendance Should Be Optional

Whatever you do, do NOT force your prospects into attending your presentation when they don’t want to. And never force anyone to stay in your business presentations against their will. People are more likely to be open-minded about the opportunity if they realise that they have a choice and, in the end, the decision is their own.

6. Dress Up For The Occasion

No, we don’t put on a full suit. But remember that this is a business presentation, and so you need to dress to make a good impression. First impressions are very important, and so, dress the part. Don’t wear your faded/ripped jeans or a t-shirt with funny memes on them. Dress in a way that you will be taken seriously instead of appearing like a fresh graduate. When in doubt, wear a solid colour jean with your favourite QNET t-shirt.

Rock your next business presentation using these 6 building blocks to impress your audience, and woo them with your amazing ideas. After all, quality introductions to the QNET community can dramatically help you, our IRs, increase your chances of success as business builders.

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