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6 Instagram Story Tips To Get More Engagement On Your Social Media

Take your social media to a whole new level with these specially curated Instagram Story tips just for you. Stories are now the preferred way people communicate on socials and generally get more views than just a simple post. If you are on Instagram but don’t use the Stories feature, you are missing out some great opportunities for engagement and traffic. Here are some Instagram Story tips to get you started.

Use Hashtags And Location Tags
Instagram Story Tips

People assume that Hashtags are just for captions and posts, but using them on your Stories will help other users with similar interests find you. The same goes for Location Tags – with more and more people choosing to research travel, food and experiences through the geotag. Whenever you post to your Story next, consider adding one main hashtag and add your location as well if relevant.

Save Your Instagram Story To Highlights
Instagram Story Tips Highlights

One of the most efficient Instagram Story tips is to save your stories as highlights. But don’t just save them ad hoc. As Stories disappear after 24 hours, it’s important to save them so that your users can find them after those 24 hours have passed. The best way to do this is to pick out the type of posts you most commonly share and create a highlight especially for them. For example, save all your holiday Stories under a “Travel” category or your QNET stories under “Direct Selling”.

Ask Questions and Run Polls
Instagram Story Tips Questions

Take advantage of all the stickers available to you on your app. You can now engage with your followers by using the “Quiz”, “Poll” or “Questions” feature on Instagram. It is so easy to set up and the more you post, the more people will engage. Collaborate with your people on creating a favourites list or just do a poll on what people prefer, and see the fun that follows.

Link Back To Relevant Websites
Instagram Story Links

If you use the Instagram Story feature more seriously, they now have a “Link” option where you can send your followers to the relevant article for more information. If you are sharing important information or just an article you want your followers to see, make sure you include a link to the full article so that they can read all of it as well. You can even link to your other social media accounts like this.

Share Stories At Least Once A Day

The key to having a social media presence that makes a difference is to be consistent with it. Post to your Instagram Stories daily, even if all you are doing is resharing a post that resonated with you. Share your favourite memes or if you like to be more organised, create a social media calendar and post regularly. It is one of the Instagram Story tips from experts that works for everyone. The more the post, the more you appear on people’s feeds. But, beware, don’t post for the sake of posting. Post only what you like/believe in.

Auto-Share Stories To Facebook

This is the simplest thing you can do for your social media. No matter where you are active and where your followers are, connect your two accounts so that both audiences can have the pleasure of your content. Share your Instagram Stories with Facebook as well. You don’t have to remember to do it all the time, just click on your auto-share status and let the technology do all the heavy lifting.

With these very simple and easy-to-follow Instagram Story tips, you can now increase engagement on your profile so that your followers feel connected with you. What’s more, interesting Stories can also bring in more users looking at your account so that your information can reach a bigger audience.

Let us know in the comments if you have any specific queries regarding Instagram Story tips or other social media, and we’ll see if we can put together more advice for you. Don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

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