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7 Achievable Bucket List Items You Can Tick Off On Your Next Holiday

This achievable bucket list is for you if you have planned a holiday somewhere this year but can’t yet go to your dream destinations because of Covid-19 restrictions. As the world is slowly recovering, you might find yourself only able to go travel locally. You can still have the adventure of a lifetime by creating a list of achievable bucket list items to make your holiday that much more special and memorable. Here are a few ideas for your next trip.

1. Watch a sunrise and sunset on the same day

We remember holidays fondly because it is a time in our life when we slow down and truly enjoy life. To make your next holiday memorable, wake up to catch a sunrise and watch the sunset on the same day. Take photos if you want to, but take joy in just watching the sky change colours.

2. Learn to make a regional delicacy from scratch

The best way to immerse yourself into a holiday is to try and learn something about the area you’re visiting. And the best way to learn about a people is to learn about the food they love. Enrol in a course to learn how to cook a regional delicacy. If you don’t like to cook, find a local mom and pop shop and eat there instead of a big restaurant.

3. Go to a community event

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One of the most achievable bucket list items is attending something local – a pop-up market, a small performance by a local band, a community festival. Understanding the place you are visiting through the eyes of everyday events like that will make you appreciate your holiday that much more.

4. Do something that scares you

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If staying still and being present scares you, then stop and smell the roses. If being away from your phone terrifies you, then do a short social media break for a couple of hours. Talk to a stranger and make friends. Whatever it is that scares you, set yourself a challenge and tick it off your bucket list.

5. Treat yourself to a luxury experience

It has been a hard two years and you deserve at least a couple of nights in a holiday resort curated especially for you. Browse your holiday options on QVI, whether you’re looking for short breaks or longer ones, you’ll find something to pamper yourself with.  

6. Find a souvenir

This one is a win-win for the achievable bucket list – find something to buy yourself that reminds you of your holiday. You will contribute to the local economy and pick up something tangible to remind you of your holiday. It doesn’t have to be the mainstream fridge magnet; you could go wild with what you pick as your souvenir. Bring back some local treats or a coffee mug to remind of your holiday or maybe even a small piece of jewellery. The choice is yours.

7. Volunteer at a local charity

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As a RYTHM ambassador wherever you go, it is only right that you make a difference in the places you visit. Volunteer at an animal shelter or a soup kitchen. Spend your time with disadvantaged people and bring a smile to their faces. Not only is this an achievable bucket list item, it also means you leave a massive impact without too much of an effort from you. Any chance to Raise Yourself To Help Mankind is a chance we should take.

A bucket list is meant to be a list of things you want to achieve before you do. They are usually filled with once in a lifetime activities. But with the world and holidays being what they are, we’ve narrowed it down to these achievable and yet exciting items. Which one of these achievable bucket list items will you try to tick off on your next holiday? Let us know in the comments.

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