Friday, March 24, 2023

Celebrate International Day Of Education With qLearn

Today is the United Nations International Day of Education, and what better way to celebrate it than by enrolling in a qLearn course or spending some time on the app today. Time and again, studies have proved how education helps improve lives. According to the Health Foundation in the UK,a good education provides a strong foundation and aptitude for life-long learning and problem-solving. Let today be a celebration of that power of education.

QNET’s Homage To Education

Through qLearn and our QNETPRO workshops, QNET is able to invest in education in a way that impacts lives.


qLearn e-learning courses provide the skills and business acumen to achieve their goals in their career and in life.  And these aren’t just old school classroom set-ups either, as qLearn has a variety of eye-catching and interactive resources. The Certified Network Marketer programme in particular, is an opportunity for new and seasoned networkers to learn and refresh their skills in marketing, sales, and leadership.


Our QNETPRO certification programme empowers a global network of aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to become exemplary professionals. It is a movement that implements our core values of leadership, integrity, service and sustainability. The programme teaches professional conduct in direct selling while emphasising ethical business practices, training QNET distributors so that they may adequately represent themselves not just as direct selling practitioners, but as industry leaders setting the standard for future generations.


RYTHM International Day Of Education Ufahamu Wa QNET

Through our many charitable activities under the umbrella of RYTHM or Raise Yourself To Help Mankind, we have helped many children around the globe to get access to education and other initiatives that aid in their learning. Be it through the Maharani Programme initiated by RYTHM Foundation, the Taarana school for children with special needs, our digital reading programme in Ghana, or even our QNET-City Football Language School initiative, QNET’s dedication to education is boundless!

Education is a life-changer, and the International Day of Education commemorates that. When one learns more, the more they are directed towards a greater good.  Education is a surefire way to be future proof.  So, what will you want to learn today?

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