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How to Help Friends and Family Understand That QNET is Not a Scam

You love what you do. Yet, have you ever had to field questions by sceptics about QNET?

Have you encountered friends and family members who insist that QNET is a scam company that runs a fraudulent pyramid scheme?

The truth is that while QNET has operated a successful business for over two decades, partnered with some of the most illustrious brands and notched numerous international accolades, some continue to level unfounded allegations at the company. 

This could be due to many factors, including the massive amounts of misinformation in circulation and, occasionally, disgruntled former associates whose links to the company were terminated for breaching our stringent ethical rules.

Yet one main reason for the baseless claims against the company is simply a lack of understanding about direct selling in general and QNET in particular.

With that in mind, here are several facts to help you dispel the allegations and help friends and family understand QNET better.

QNET is a legitimate business that’s stood the test of time

QNET is a subsidiary of the QI Group, a multi-business conglomerate headquartered in Hong Kong. 

Founded in 1998 by Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark, QI has interests in, among others, travel and leisure, lifestyle and retail. It even operates a prestigious university — Quest International University.

Companies shutter all the time. In fact, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 35% of businesses make it past the 10-year mark. Thus, a company like QNET that’s endured 24 years stands as a testament to not just its staying power, but its values and practices too.

QNET is a direct selling company

To understand what direct selling is, it’s necessary also to understand what it isn’t.

Firstly, direct selling is not a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal and only focused on the money game. 

In a pyramid scheme, one makes money by recruiting people; the more people you recruit, the more money you make. Rarely do products factor in the mix. And when they do, these goods are merely used to disguise the scam. 

Direct selling is also not a get-rich-quick scheme. Yes, it’s possible to make money — a lot of money even — from direct sales. But like every other business on the planet, one’s success in direct selling is down to hard work. There are no shortcuts!

Finally, direct selling is not an investment scheme. If you’re paying money, it’s for purchasing products/services only, and nothing more.

As for the definition of direct selling, the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations explains it as “a retail channel used by top global brands and smaller, entrepreneurial companies to market products and services to consumers”. 

Incidentally, direct selling is not a new industry but a retail channel almost as old as civilisation itself.

It is all about the products

Direct selling is focused on getting quality products and services into the hands of consumers.

Yet it also serves as a platform for entrepreneurial-minded individuals to build businesses on their own terms with minimal capital outlay and/or overheads.

In QNET’s case, this means one can be a customer and purchase products and services, or choose to become a distributor and sell QNET products.

QNET distributors (or independent representatives) earn commissions from sales. And it is important to note that no money is made in the event products and services aren’t sold.

QNET, incidentally, offers a wide range of quality products and services. And included among these are products from our cutting-edge personal care line Physio Radiance, travel packages under QVI, entrepreneur-focused learning programmes under qLearn, and beautifully crafted timepieces and jewellery by the renowned Swiss marque Bernhard H. Mayer.

Satisfaction and quality are paramount

While there have been countless success stories over the years, there have also been cases of QNET entrepreneurs moving on to new opportunities. This is not out of the ordinary. In fact, people move on all the time for a variety of reasons. 

Furthermore, though rewarding, direct selling is hard work and not for everyone.

The crucial thing to note, however, is that people leaving the company doesn’t in any way suggest QNET runs a scam.

At QNET, people are more than welcome to join the business or leave if they find it’s not for them. Our resignation policy allows distributors to resign from or terminate their association with the company by merely tendering a 30-day written notice.

In terms of QNET’s products and services, meanwhile, we always strive to ensure compliance with quality and safety standards. 

Ideally, we hope customers are satisfied with our offerings, but in the event they’re not, the company has a robust Returns and Refunds Policy that allows for the cancellation of purchase contracts and the return of money.

The point here is that the happiness of customers and distributors is our goal. 

Now, how many “scam companies” do you know that are this serious and committed to satisfaction and quality?

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