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How To Find The Perfect Reusable Bottle For You

The perfect reusable bottle for you is out there, and we are here to help you find it. When you are finally ready to ditch plastic, here is a list of the best reusable bottles for different occasions and specific tastes.

How To Choose The Best Reusable Bottle

How To Choose The Right Reusable Water Bottle For You (6)

The market is currently flooded with reusable water bottles, so how do you know if what you are buying serves it’s purpose? Ask yourself these questions to figure out which bottle is perfect for you.

  • Is it single-use plastic and BPA-free?

Check that your bottle is truly reusable and not something you have to change every few weeks. BPA-free means you reduce the risk of health problems associated with that chemical toxin.

  • How and where will I use it?

A bottle that you use at home will be different to ones that you will use while commuting or going on adventures. Consider not just how you will use your bottle, but also where you will use it.

  • What material do I like best in a water bottle?

Aluminium? Glass? Polycarbonate?  This would, again, depend on where you are using the bottle. If you’re at home, glass might be better, whereas if you are on the go, Polycarbonate might be better as it is lightweight and easy to carry.

Reusable Bottles For Every Occasion

Whether you’re worried about microplastics, plastic pollution, or even on spending too much money on bottled water, we’ve got the right bottle for you. Which one would you choose?

For When You Want To Make A Style Statement

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With a variety of styles, colours, and shapes to choose from, the reusable bottle market is now full of beautiful and sleek bottles that will match your style. Whether you want a bottle with your favourite celebrity or sports team on, or if there’s a print you prefer, there’s definitely a bottle for you.

For When You’re In The Gym

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Look for a bottle with a textured grip, impact resistant material, leak-proof valve, and a sippy styled sports lid for the gym bods among you. It is perfect for those sweaty workouts or long hikes, when you don’t want your water breaks to slow you down. You even get bottles with a clip so that you can hang it on to your backpack while on the move.

For When You’re Outdoors

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If your idea of the outdoors is relaxing on a beach, go for a reusable water bottle that you can add ice to, and that can keep your drinks cold for a long, long time. If you are travelling by car or bicycle, choose a bottle that is slim but that does not have condensation when cold drinks are in it. That way you are not spending hours cleaning up wet cup holders in your car.

For When You’re In The House

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Glass bottles are perfect for your home, and can often be a showstopper or statement piece to add style to your house. Opt for one made of break resistant glass but that also shows your style through inscriptions or laser designs. You can even put your family crests and logos of there to add a little oomph to your water drinking habits.

For When You Mean Business

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Treat yourself to a sleek insulated stainless-steel bottle with climate lock technology to show that you really mean business. These bottles are usually made stainless steel and can keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold when you’re busy doing your Presentación, or networking at a QNET event. Not only does it show that you’re eco-conscious, it also helps keep you hydrated whether you like it hot or cold!

Which one of these bottles do you want to buy for yourself? Or are you the kind who wants to ditch plastic bottles for good and has a reusable bottle option for every occasion? Let us know in the comments.

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