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How To Practice Self-Leadership For Business Success

The skill that sets successful people apart from everyone else is self-leadership. In 2022, successful work looks like collaborating with people, navigating hybrid working conditions, adapting to change, and thriving even in uncertain situations. As a direct seller, you are already well on your way to having these skills. In this post, we explain how YOU can elevate your self-leadership to find success this year.

What Is Self-Leadership?

Over the last two years, self-leadership has become one of the top skills for success in business and in direct selling. It is a way for you to demonstrate and improve your own skills, passions, values, and ambitions instead of using your leadership skills just on your team. The idea is that if you aren’t at your best, how can you expect success from your ventures or your team. Self-leadership allows you to think about your own behaviour and identify ways in which you can improve so that you can succeed.

How To Practice Self-Leadership

Here’s how you can introduce self-leadership into your life so that you can find the success you are fully capable of. Practise these simple things every month, and give yourself an honest performance review so that you are always the best direct seller and entrepreneur you can be.

1. Understand Your Purpose

Understand Your Purpose Business Success Tips

Even though your “why” can change year on year, it is important to understand WHY you do what you do. What role do you want to play in people’s lives? What do you want to achieve in the next 3/6/12 months? The best thing to do is to write it down, put it somewhere you can always see, and don’t be afraid to edit when your purpose changes.

2. Learn Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Learn Your Strengths and Weaknesses Business Success Tips

List down what you think are your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you understand what skills you can offer to make your team a success, and what areas you need to improve. This will also help you delegate what you think you’re not strong in or even learn those skills so you can become better.

3. Practice Self-Awareness

Practice Self Awareness Business Success Tips

Take time to sit with your own thoughts and understand the negative thoughts and fears you are having. Look inside yourself to see how you affect the people around you and why you have a certain fear. Checking in with yourself will truly help you overcome your fears and become more ready for success.

4. Seek Honest Feedback

You may be self-aware, and you may understand your strengths and weakness, but you can’t fully understand the thoughts and feelings of others without asking for feedback. Having that external point of view will elevate your self-leadership skills. Just practice how to receive feedback without taking it personally, and you are all set.

5. Prioritise Time For Learning

Successful people always put aside time for learning – whether it is spending time upskilling or watching the right videos and reading the right books. If you spend a lot of time on YouTube or social media, make it a policy to watch at least one video from an expert so that you are a lifelong learner. Prioritize some time in your week towards learning something that you know will help you be a better entrepreneur.

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