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Sapphire Star V Elite Leader Ouattara Lassina On The Importance Of Never Giving Up

Hailing from Burkina Faso, V Elite Leader Ouattara Lassina has been with QNET for over three years. Before QNET, he was a student at university until tragedy struck. V Elite Leader Ouattara lost his dad who was not only paying for his education but was also taking care of his whole family. Life quickly became complicated, and he had to drop out of school. In this interview, learn about how V Elite Leader Ouattara Lassina rose above his challenges to become the success that he is today. His secret ingredient for success? Never Giving Up.

Family Responsibilities
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With his father’s passing, V Elite Leader Ouattara Lassina became the sole provider for his family. He tried his hand at every opportunity that would bring him money to fulfil his responsibilities towards his family. He sold bread to small shops, cycling from village to village. He even started working in a gold mine. Not only did he have to take care of his mother, who was now his reason for living, he also had to take care of his four sisters and two brothers. Life was a struggle.

Finding QNET

In 2015, V Elite Leader Ouattara Lassina was introduced to the QNET Opportunity. “The idea of financial freedom really drew me to direct selling. With QNET, I could be an entrepreneur AND support my family’s needs. I understood that if I worked hard, success would follow. Knowing that my family and community were counting on my success made me want to try. So, I gave myself a month to earn the first cheque. Once I did, I gave myself the deadline of three years to earn commissions regularly.”

Persevering Through Challenges
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Sapphire Star and V Elite Leader Ouattara Lassina faced challenges just like any other direct seller, but he was determined to keep going so that he could find success in QNET. He faced many rejections, especially from his friends who told him he’d never succeed. He almost believed them but after some introspection, he knew that he would not fail if he kept trying.  A year after starting with QNET, he lost a big part of his team. He had to rebuild from scratch. Luckily, he had the guidance of his uplines and V-trainings to help him. He found Chief Pathman’s 8 Blocks Of Success especially helpful. The testimonies for his leaders and QNET family helped him stay resilient in the face of challenges because he could see that they went through the same difficulties and succeeded nevertheless.

What Success Looks Like For Ouattara Lassina

The biggest achievement V Elite Leader Ouattara managed was not the luxuries he was suddenly able to afford, it was that he was able to fulfil his promises to his family. He was able to build a family home in the city and buy two cars so that his mother and siblings were all taken of. His mother no longer has to work in the fields to take care of her family.

He was also able to fulfil his goal of helping his teammates succeed by travelling to other African countries to support them. “Your success depends on the success of others. When you enable someone else to earn a living like yourself, you have succeeded,” says Ouattara.

Advice For Fellow Direct Sellers
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When asked for advice for young people looking to pursue the QNET opportunity, he had this to say – “If you are looking for a borderless business opportunity that will help you have a better life and also help humanity at the same time – QNET is it. All you need to do is work on the business with seriousness, honesty, and integrity. Understand the business plan completely and give it your best shot.  Take your time to build a solid foundation. Do not look for shortcuts or violate QNET’s policies. Be a QNETPRO. By following this advice, you are not only going to create a better life for you and your family, you will also be creating something that many generations will benefit from.”

Sapphire Star and V Elite Leader Ouattara Lassina is an inspiration to all direct sellers and entrepreneurs worldwide. His success has come from hard work and perseverance even in the face of some very big challenges. If there’s one thing we can learn from him, it’s that we should keep going even in the face of adversity. Join us in congratulating V Elite Leader Ouattara on all his successes and wishing him all the best for his future goals.

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