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Lessons From Man City’s Amazing Title-Winning Season

For a while, it looked like the dream was over. But then, with mere minutes to go in the final match of the season, Man City turned what seemed like sure defeat on its head, banged in three goals, and claimed the coveted English Premier League title for a record sixth time!

The 3-2 come-from-behind win on 22 May against Aston Villa was stunning. It was spectacular. And just like they’d done countless times before, QNET’s beloved Sky Blues notched another major triumph, not only because they are special, but because they simply refused to throw in the towel!

How many times have we been advised to stick with the plan and never give up on our dreams of financial freedom? Well, Man City, which QNET has partnered with since 2014, typify the notion that victory comes to those who are steadfast and resilient.

It’s an important lesson, no doubt, for all entrepreneurs and business owners. Yet because City are such an amazing side, there is much, much more we can learn and draw inspiration from.

Here are just four other lessons from the champions’ 2021-22 title-winning campaign:

Keep calm and carry on

Man City

Man City had a 13 point gap at the top of the table, at one stage in the season, and looked on course to be runaway winners. Then, however, the chasing pack caught up, and the competition became more intense.

The facts, nevertheless, show that regardless of what was going on around them, Coach Pep Guardiola and his charges chose to keep their cool and push on forward. And that, more than anything else, is what got them over the line and in first place!

Are you the kind who worries about what rivals and peers are up to and/or stresses about the success of others?

Well, the Sky Blues’ triumph proves that you shouldn’t get distracted by the competition. Instead, focus on your own growth and targets. And importantly, stay calm!

Your biggest challenge is consistency

It’s undeniable that City’s final match of the season will go down in history as one of the greatest of all time.

Yet, that game aside, what must not be forgotten is how consistently superb the Sky Blues were throughout the recently-concluded season.

Yes, collective flair and winning big games are important. But real victory, as Coach Pep says, is marked by notching success, in both small and big matches, “again and again and again“.

In business, we sometimes tend to focus on large victories in the form of sales returns as signifying success.

However, real triumph, Man City shows us, is obtained by emphasising strong and constant progress. And by entrepreneurs paying as much attention to the small stuff as they do to big goals.

Leadership is a team effort

Great teams need strong leaders. However, at City, the responsibility of leading the side on the pitch doesn’t only fall on skipper Fernandinho, but on a leadership group comprising senior players.

Granted, this approach to on-field leadership is unique and not often employed in football. Nevertheless, as former club legends have noted, the tactic has proved crucial for Man City in fostering a culture of shared responsibility where everyone feels important, accountable and able to make decisions.

Can a similar strategy work for business owners and yield returns?

Of course! Nevertheless, the point to remember is not to order team members and downlines to take charge, but rather to empower and encourage those under you to step up while assuring them of support.

Be prepared to adapt

Man City Business Lessons EPL

Business gurus say the only sure way for entrepreneurs to succeed is to have no Plan B and be prepared to go all in.

That is true. After all, success in direct selling, especially, is dependent on how much time and effort one is willing to commit.

However, this doesn’t mean business owners shouldn’t be prepared for contingencies and “what if” scenarios. Indeed, you should always be ready to shift things up if plans don’t fall into place.

That’s, after all, how Guardiola’s Man City approaches things. It also explains why, when the team were losing in that key title decider on 22 May, the coach changed tactics and brought on eventual match-winner Ilkay Gundogan from the bench.

The lesson here is that while you should always have faith in yourself, the best entrepreneurs are those who are agile.

Remember, the script can change. Yet winners always find a way to succeed

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