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Champions! Lessons from Man City Women’s Conti Cup victory

It wasn’t easy. But, after last month’s win, Manchester City’s Women have added the 2022 FA Women’s Continental Tyres League Cup to a glittering list of accolades in a dazzling display that oozed style, class, and confidence.

QNET, which has had a long association with Man City and is the women’s team’s official direct selling partner, has always been fully aware of the side’s immense talent. As such, it goes without saying that all of us here are so very proud of the Sky Blues’ latest spectacular achievement.

Yet, what makes the Conti Cup win against defending champs Chelsea especially wonderful is that it was delivered on 5 March, mere days before International Women’s Day, and typified how Manchester City FC and QNET have strived together to promote the empowerment of women.

But, of course, it’s not just women who can learn from Man City’s 3-1 come-from-behind win in the final. Here are several business lessons from Man City Women’s team journey, which direct sellers, business owners, and entrepreneurs should find especially inspiring.

Success is not predetermined

Forget the past. What you may or may not have achieved before doesn’t matter. What counts is how focused you are on the task at hand.

That’s what Man City’s opponents Chelsea learned at the Cherry Red Records Stadium on the night of 5 March.

City’s archrivals came into the match as defending Conti Cup and Women’s Super League champs. None of that made a difference, however, when the Sky Blues turned the game on its head and toppled the odds.

The takeaway here is that being tagged as “favourites” or having won previously does not determine anything. No matter who you are or what you’ve done, there will always be someone who’s eager to disrupt the status quo.

It isn’t over ’til it’s over

Business Lessons from Man City Women QNET City 1
Speaking of Chelsea, it was never expected that the defending champs would make life easy for City. But when the Londoners scored first in the final match and controlled the first half, the situation did appear far more challenging than anticipated.

However, the Sky Blues weren’t ready to throw in the towel. Instead, they summoned resolve from deep within to wrest the game and win 3-1.

The lesson here is clear — don’t give in. Ever!

Stick to the plan, plug the gaps and keep your eyes on the prize, even when the situation seems bleak. Remember, too, that the perfect time to rise is when one is down for the count.

Don’t rely on luck; bet on self-belief

There are those who are convinced that success — be it in business, life or sports — is down to luck.

Yet, many others — City head coach Gareth Taylor, included — believe that what folks refer to as “luck” is really hard work, patience and self-belief.

After all, it certainly wasn’t luck that helped City come from behind to claim the trophy from Chelsea. Rather, it was the team’s belief that determined the outcome.

Self-belief is more than merely being confident, however. It’s about being convinced that you have what it takes to win and backing yourself to succeed — a trait all successful entrepreneurs share.

Everyone matters

Business Lessons from Man City Women QNET City 2

Does your team only comprise a handful of super performers? Don’t worry. The best organisations and networks tend to be diverse and consist of people of varying abilities and talent.

That being said, regardless of your team’s composition, what’s needed is for every single member to be on the same page, know their purpose, and move in the same direction.

The stats from the Conti Cup final may indicate that City’s three goals were banged in by just two people — Caroline Weir and captain Ellen White. Nevertheless, the truth is the Sky Blues’ spectacular win was only possible because every player on the pitch understood their role and what was needed.

Granted, teams with a strong sense of commitment aren’t built overnight. But network leaders can accelerate the process by speaking to team members individually and helping them see how they fit into the big picture.

In short, make everyone a superstar player!

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