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5 Tips To Overcome Social Anxiety While Networking

Socialisation is vital to building a business. To promote what you offer, you have to meet people and talk to them. And to build a good team, you must do even more of the same constantly. This can be pretty daunting, especially when you suffer from social anxiety. Do you struggle to start conversations, make new friends, or feel anxious about talking to a stranger? Read on for tips to overcome social anxiety and hack your socialisation skills. 

What Is Social Anxiety? 

Social Anxiety is different to being shy. It is a long-term and sometimes overwhelming fear of social situations, especially with strangers or people you don’t know. It usually affects self-confidence, relationships, and work, leading to stress in situations you’re not used to. Over the pandemic, more and more people report anxiety when making and answering phone calls and meeting new people, especially since we can do everything over text and online these days. 

Tips To Overcome Social Anxiety In Prospecting

Here are some practical tips on putting yourself out there so you have the best chance at success in direct selling with QNET. 

1. Understand Your Anxiety

Social anxiety is a common problem that gets better as you grow older. The first step in healing and managing your social phobia is understanding what your body and mind are going through when you feel that way. Write down and send yourself a voice note about what is going through your mind, what physical sensations you’re feeling, and what you feel helps you in a situation like that. 

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2. Pencil In Some Time With Friends In Person

The last few years of dealing with a pandemic have made social situations a bit awkward. This is especially true if you suffer from social anxiety or rely heavily on technology to maintain your friendships. When you interact only over texts, you tend to forget subtle things like body language and how to practice active listening. To overcome that awkwardness, go out with your friends face to face. Make it a regular habit. Face-to-face interactions are crucial. 

3. Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Putting yourself in situations that are not normal will help you become socially savvy. Embrace the awkward silences, volunteer in person to meet up with strangers, and practice giving a voice to your worries and stresses. Just remember that putting yourself out there is uncomfortable for even the most confident – the trick is to just do it. 

4. Challenge Your Negative Thoughts

If you spend a lot of time worrying about all the ways in which a conversation or social interaction can go wrong, try to talk to yourself in a mirror and understand that your negative thoughts are just fear talking. In reality, people are looking for connection and conversation. It can feel frightening to put yourself out there, especially as a direct seller. Challenge your negative thoughts by imagining if the worst-case scenario can come true. 99% of the time, it won’t. 

5. Be Kind To Yourself

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At the end of the day, you are only human. Treat yourself how you treat your loved ones – with kindness and patience. Do things in your life that are for you and only you. Practice your affirmations in a mirror, spend a few minutes every day in silence, just meditating or go for a short walk out in nature to feel connected to something bigger than yourself. Remember to hydrate, eat well, and get enough sleep. Anxiety is strongly connected to your mental and physical health, so taking care of yourself is essential. Do one thing every day that makes YOU happy. 

If you have severe social anxiety symptoms that affect your quality of life, please seek professional help and treatments.

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