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Pass On Your QNET Legacy To The Next Generation

Passing on your QNET Legacy is a way of honouring the people you are doing all of this for – your family and the next generation. To ensure your QNET Legacy continues, you can nominate a beneficiary by passing on your business to the next generation, who can, in turn, pass it on to the generation after that. It is a way to both ensure that the results of your blood sweat and tears will not go wasted, and a way for you to provide for your family long after you are gone. All you have to do is add a nominee to your QNET account, and make sure your QNET legacy is passed on.

Registering A Nominee For Your QNET Legacy

Every QNET IR has the right to nominate a person to carry on their legacy. Upon your passing, QNET will then transfer your representativeship to your nominee. This means that your nominee will be entitled to your commissions, your bonuses, and all other benefits accrued in your direct selling journey. It is important to remember that if you do not register a nominee, your IRship will end with you. Therefore, it should be a priority to really think of your QNET legacy, and think of whom you’d like to pass it on to.

Here’s how you can register your nominee:

  1. Nominate them during your IR registration. It is now a compulsory field in your IR registration form.
  2. Existing IRs who don’t currently have a nominee can contact our Global Support Centre and ask them to add your nominee. For this, you will need your request letter and a valid copy of your ID.

The Requirements

If you are a nominee in the QNET Legacy Programme, you can claim your legacy benefits by following these requirements.

  1. You must be of legal age in your country.
  2. You need to submit these documents:
  • Your nominator’s death certificate
  • Your ID Proof. You can pick anything that has your photo on it as proof of identity. This includes passports, residency cards, driving licences etc. any valid ID shows your identity with your photo such as passport, citizen ID card, driving licence etc.
  • The agreement letter signed by you. The letter should state that you agree to take over the deceased IR’s account as their nominee.
  • Your personal details such as your address, email address, and phone number.

Note: The transfer of ownership is subject to QNET’s approval.

Once we process the transfer, you will receive a new IR number and can start your business with the benefits your nominator has accrued during their time in QNET. This includes the business volume and all of the genealogy statuses.

If you are the IR passing on your legacy, make sure you make it clear to your nominee that any BV that you do have will be passed on. However, they need to follow the local policies of their country for the settlement.

There’s nothing better than knowing that all your hard work will pay off not just for you and your family now, but that they will be taken care off even after your death. So what are you waiting for? Nominate the beneficiary of your QNET legacy today!

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