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QNET Shows Commitment To Water Sustainability, Providing Clean And Safe Water For All

QNET and HomePure marked World Water Day by hosting several QNET Water Sustainability events all over the world. The QNET Water Sustainability initiatives included spreading awareness on global water challenges and advocating for healthy and thriving water communities worldwide. Here’s what our global initiatives have looked like this year.

Water Security In Sub-Saharan Africa

World Water Forum 2022 Senegal 21

Continuing on our work in Tanzania where we partnered with Water for Africa to provide clean water in rural Tanzania, we participated in the 9th World Water Forum in Senegal this year. Hosted by the World Water Council, the forum raised the profile on water security and its importance in economic, social and political development in Sub-Saharan Africa. QNET showcased HomePure Nova as a solution to safe drinking water designed with 10 years of research on water quality.

Water Sustainability Events In North Africa

World Water Day workshop in Morocco 24

In Morocco, the QNET Water Sustainability initiative took the form of a workshop that also included a tree-planting exercise. With the help of a children’s NGO Bab Rayan, we educated a group of 70 children on the importance of water sustainability in the face of climate change. QNET also donated two HomePure Nova water filters to the school so that safe and healthy drinking water is theirs for the long run.

World Water Day workshop in Morocco3

In Algeria, we have teamed up with the humanitarian group Ness El Khir and the environmental group La Voix de la Nature (The Voice of Nature) on a tree-planting project in the country. As healthy forests are critical in maintaining potable drinking supplies all over the Earth, this project is very important to our QNET Water Sustainability initiatives.  The aim is to plant 500 olive, pomegranate, and fig trees in order to revive the Algerian forest which was devastated by wildfires last summer.

Borderless Global Impact Via Social Media

To make a difference all over the world without borders getting in our way, QNET has been hosting the #WaterSourceChallenge on social media with several distributors doing their bit to spread awareness. The hashtag helps advocate for the importance of clean water sources and keeping it safe for the coming generations. You too can join in our campaign by using our hashtag and get a chance to win a HomePure water filter for yourself.

Commitment To QNET Water Sustainability

“The past two years have been particularly challenging as COVID-19 continues to place heavy stress on water and sanitation services across the globe – especially in developing communities with limited access to safe water. As a company with operations and customers in many developing economies, we have a duty to advocate for and take efforts to implement sustainable change in our supply chain and operations to improve water services for everyone. This World Water Week, we are proud to advocate for water sustainability and support improved water infrastructure, especially in places majorly affected by water scarcity, such as Africa, the Middle East, and more. QNET has actively supported the World Water Forum and other water-based sustainability initiatives for many years,” said QNET CEO Malou Caluza

“The vulnerability of water and sanitation services first came to our attention when we were looking into expanding our product portfolio more than a decade ago and launched our first water filtration system under the HomePure brand.” Caluza further explains. “We realised that converting water into clean supply is costly for many communities, and bottled water is extremely expensive.

“This is why QNET’s water filtration system, the HomePure Nova, operates without a power source, enabling users to reap the benefits of a world-class, NSF-certified filtration system while remaining cost-efficient and environmentally friendly,” Caluza said. “We’ve donated multiple units of HomePure Nova to communities that lack access to a safe and sustainable water source. For example, at the peak of the pandemic, QNET stepped up to donate HomePure Nova water filters to universities and hospitals in Casablanca, Morocco, and City Hospital in Kazakhstan, as part of its COVID-19 relief projects that spanned over 30 countries.”



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