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QNET Part Of Prestigious Panel At Microsoft Cybersecurity Summit

QNET’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) Ivan Woo joined the Microsoft Cybersecurity Summit 2021 in Hong Kong as part of the panel of experts and leading voices on cybersecurity. The panel focused on mitigating online risks and strengthening online security for the coming new year. Thanks to Covid-19, hybrid working conditions have exposed people to increased security risks online. QNET’s CIO was one of the few people whose expertise was sought after to discuss the problems and find collective solutions.

What Is The Microsoft Cybersecurity Summit?
QNET CIO In Microsfort Cybersecurity Summit Hong Kong 2021 2 Ufahamu Wa QNET

Hosted in Hong Kong, the Microsoft Cybersecurity Summit 2021 is a forum focused on understanding best practices and trends to keep people and organisations safe from online security risks. The panellists include industry heavyweights such as Microsoft’s Chief Cybersecurity Advisor and their National Technology Officer, and our own CIO, Ivan Woo. They discussed strategies against internal threats and tactics to protect your digital estate.

Panel Discussion By QNET Chief Information Officer Ivan Woo

As someone who oversees the Global IT and Digital Experience function at QNET, Ivan was chosen as the perfect representative for the panel, to highlight the Microsoft-QNET partnership.

QNET CIO In Microsfort Cybersecurity Summit Hong Kong 2021 2 Ufahamu Wa QNET

QNET’s CIO led discussions on the key priorities for cybersecurity in 2022, and how to stay secure in a hybrid world when many of us have had to work from home. He has spearheaded several key digital transformation initiatives at QNET which included cloud migration, mobile-first strategy implementation, and stringent data security initiatives, focusing on ensuring our distributors not only get the best e-commerce experience, but also the safest.

With regards to QNET’s approach to security, Ivan has this to say “with almost all our QNET family, partners, and customers forced to embrace the internet for their needs, IT people must step up and take on educator roles.  They should explain the risks and educate users about the importance of online security and how to take action to be safe. QNET understand this and we will continue to take steps towards ensuring that we cover all bases in terms of online protection and security.

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