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Follow QNET’s Self-Love Calendar For Personal Growth

We have designed a Self-Love Calendar for you to follow this February, the month of love. This is our way of showing you that your hard work and loyalty has not gone unnoticed. We appreciate you and everything that you do. You show up every day no matter how hard life can get, especially after the last two years in a global pandemic. This Self-Love Calendar is a list of things you can do to show yourself some love on our behalf.

What Is Self-Love?

Sometimes, you are so busy taking care of others and your business that you forget to spend some quality time with yourself. Showing self-love is when you put aside some time in your day to treat yourself with kindness, to nurture your own wellness, to listen to what your body and mind wants, and to accept yourself fully – whatever your perceived flaws. It’s putting in the same effort and love into yourself that you do for your QNET family and teams.

The QNET Self-Love Calendar

QNET has created a calendar of activities to promote self-love. We want to go beyond just self-care tips to give you some prompts you can follow to take care of your mental and physical health. You can download the calendar here, follow us on QNET Official social media accounts or download the QNET Mobile App to receive push notifications.

“I Promise To Love Myself” Challenge

For the next 14 days, follow our prompts that will help you overcome negativity, take time to develop your own self-worth, and focus a little bit more on your own personal growth. Are you ready for the challenge?

Self Love Calendar.jpg?compress=true&quality=80&w=1024&dpr=0 Ufahamu Wa QNET
Use this Self-Love Calendar to guide you in your journey to loving yourself better! Choose your own self-love activity on weekends to make it even more exciting!
Don’t forget to share your photos and videos practising one of our Self-Love Calendar prompts. At the end of this month, QNET will pick the highlights and share them on our official social media channels. We can’t wait to see you love yourself the way we love you. Are you ready to make the promise?
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