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When quality is worth the price: Why QNET products are ‘expensive’

How does one assign a price and a value to things?

Consider this scenario: Two people, Pam and Siva, are in the market for new watches. Pam purchases a light, plastic, mass-market digital watch, while Siva opts for a handcrafted, Swiss-made, mechanical timepiece that’s only available via direct distribution.

Both watches, essentially, perform the same function in that they both tell the time. But Siva’s wristwatch costs more. So, does “more” necessarily mean “too expensive”?

It’s a question often levelled at established brands such as QNET: Are your products too pricey?

Not necessarily.

The pricing of consumer products involves many factors, including manufacturing cost, marketing expenses, and wholesaler and retailer margins.

This business principle is also true for the products marketed by direct selling companies, with one difference — direct selling is all about offering customers premium products that generally aren’t available through regular retail channels.

Quality comes at a price

Make no mistake. A higher cost doesn’t automatically mean a better product. Indeed, many consumer brands have been known to artificially inflate prices to present the illusion of quality and elevate their status.

At QNET, however, you can be assured that quality is foremost on the agenda.

Every product and service is put through rigorous and stringent quality control protocols. This is why they’re backed by comprehensive guarantees and warranties.

Additionally, QNET assesses not only the products but also the production facilities and management practices of suppliers.

Innovation, an attribute for which QNET has been consistently recognised, is also a primary consideration.

And this fact can easily be seen across its product catalogue, from the HomePure Nova water filtration system and Physio Radiance Visage+, QNET’s revolutionary facial treatment device, to qLearn’s specially designed learning programmes.

Value for money

Beyond the price point, what customers need to look at in the case of certain products and services is how much value they’re receiving. For example — can products be used over a prolonged period?

The Bernhard H. Mayer® brand, for example, isn’t just known for the elegance of its timepieces and jewellery, but also the durability of its products. Indeed it’s often said that the brand’s watches, especially, are built to last a long time.

Consider, too, the vacation membership platform QVI Club, which enables one to book holidays for up to 30 years at current prices and transfer and share ownership. Now, how many vacay clubs do you know that allow that?

Scientifically researched and tested

On the subject of value, quality and innovation, QNET invests a lot in science and technology.

For example, its wellness and energy range, Amezcua, is produced in a state-of-the-art facility in Germany under the guidance of leading experts in science and medicine. QNET products — which include the Bio Disc 3 and Chi Pendant 4 — are rolled out only after years of research.

Here too, rigorous testing is conducted, with all results and certifications of these tests made available publicly. This is not common for many mass-market products, which again explains the reasons behind some of the prices seen.

Heritage and artisanal craftsmanship

While many QNET products are by modern names, among the iconic brands in its stable is Bernhard H. Mayer®, the renowned jewellery and watch marque that celebrates 150 years of exquisite and matchless craftsmanship this year.

Bernhard H. Mayer® has been linked to key historical moments, such as when it was commissioned to produce gold and silver medals for the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

It is that heritage, prestige and assurance of distinction that is evident today in every product that bears its name; from fine jewellery to the hand-assembled timepieces that come out of its atelier in the global horological capital of Biel, Switzerland.

But even despite its premier status, Bernhard H. Mayer® products are still competitively priced and comparable to competitors in the market.

So while some things may be more highly-priced, with QNET, you can be assured it’s worth every cent.


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