Saturday, June 3, 2023

Real Talk with QNET Podcast Takes You Behind the Scenes of Direct Selling

Hey there, podcast lovers! Are you ready for some juicy, inspiring conversations with successful entrepreneurs? Then, put on your headphones and check out the brand-new Real Talk with QNET podcast!

Wake up and smell the coffee? This QNET podcast has all the tea!

Real Talk with QNET is not just another podcast. It’s your backstage pass to the lives of some of the most successful entrepreneurs and the latest happenings in the direct selling industry. From epic fails to awe-inspiring accomplishments, the podcast spills all the tea!

Join host Trevor Kuna for genuine, unfiltered conversations with incredible people from all walks of life. Each episode is a deep dive into their experiences, lessons learned, and insights about the direct selling industry.

A conversation starter you can tune into anytime, anywhere

With new episodes released every month, there’s always something new to discover.

Real Talk with QNET is available on QBuzzSpotifyApple PodcastsYouTube, and other major platforms. Tune in whenever and whenever you want and impress your friends with all the latest insider knowledge from the direct selling industry!

image 13 Ufahamu Wa QNET

Ever wondered what this entrepreneurial sister-and-brother pair is like behind the scenes?

The first episode of Real Talk with QNET features AVP Shipra and AVP Oneal, two siblings who have been on an incredible entrepreneurial journey together. They share their personal stories, discussing how they overcame family-dynamic challenges to build a successful business in the competitive world of QNET.

image 14 Ufahamu Wa QNET

The episode delves into their unique relationship, exploring the dynamics of sibling relationships when pursuing a common goal. Shipra and Oneal share what they admire about each other and reveal their challenges growing up in a dynamic household, offering candid insights into the challenges of balancing family life and running a business, highlighting the importance of setting priorities and creating boundaries.

Check it out now and tell us how well you can relate to them!

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