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5 QNET Reviews From Actual Business Owners

Reviews are some of the best ways to gain an honest, unbiased understanding of what a company is all about. Whether you want to work with a company or purchase its products, reviews should be one of the first places you start your research.

If you’re considering becoming an Independent Representative with QNET, reviews from actual QNET business owners can be beneficial for your research.

QNET Reviews

We have compiled a list of QNET business reviews from independent representatives from across the globe. Their unique experiences can help you understand what to expect from this business opportunity and if it’s the right fit for you.

1. QNET is Like an Ocean

Of the many QNET reviews in India, this one from Diamond Star and V Council Member Midhulaj Paramba stands out. 

On his experience with the business, Paramba said “QNET is like an ocean, and it’s up to you how much water you take – a spoonful, a cup, or you choose to build a pipeline. I learned that to be an achiever, you need to see the QNET opportunity as what it is – an endless sea of possibilities.”

Having achieved the Platinum Star rank he said, “Everything has changed – my lifestyle, my mindset, my way of thinking. I have become a person who is fearless and who dares to dream.”

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2. Be The Success Story

Platinum Star Houffoue Yao Hyacinthe failed dozens of times before finding success. His candid QNET direct selling company review shows that a strong support system and drive are the keys to success.

“I failed in my first 37 presentacións. However, people who rejected me before saw my team’s success and came back to join us. When I first started with QNET, I made the decision to never give up, and to prove them wrong.”

“The thought of quitting never even crossed my mind…The best way to motivate people to join the business is to be the success story they are looking for. I want to be that living proof just like my uplines.”

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3. My Dreams Came True

It took just 21 days for VC Mohanad to earn commissions with QNET to help him on his path to financial freedom.

“I decided to join QNET to change my life from a life of misery and disappointment to a great life whereby dreams can come true. And that’s what really happened, my dreams came true.”

He also said of the legitimate direct selling company, “QNET changed and developed my attitude, my behaviour, and also helped me to learn the leadership skills so that I can lead and guide my team to success.”

Learn more about VC Mohanad’s QNET experience.

4. My Dreams Became Goals, With Deadlines

Platinum Star Associate V Partner Dauren Issabayev had a long and interesting journey before finally finding QNET in 2009.

“In QNET, I started to set goals and plan. I started to scrutinize everything to make sure that everything I do will contribute to achieving my goal. My dreams became goals, with deadlines. I saw how my team believes in me and it encouraged me to do more and be more so I can motivate them not by words but by action and results.”

“Knowing that they are looking at me as a role model made me set another goal—that is to become a better version of myself so I can continuously inspire them. I now wake up with a much bigger purpose.”

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5. I Am Living The Life of My Dreams

From a small village in East Java in Indonesia, Associate V Partner Tri Hartono had a hard life before QNET. Speaking of his experience as a business owner with QNET, he said:

“My network started to grow steadily, and so did my confidence. I could present the business with confidence and I had better results. I started with nothing. I’ve grown from not having a dream to seeing my dreams coming true.”

“Now, I can have anything I want — from material things like luxury cars and beautiful mansions to providing my family with the best out of life. I am living the life of my dreams.”

Learn more about how Tri found business success with QNET.

Like with many companies, you can find QNET good reviews and bad reviews online and on social media. However, you may never know if these QNET reviews are from legitimate customers or business owners like the ones here are.

Learn more about QNET and additional success stories directly from the source today.

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