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Act With RYTHM This World Children’s Day

On World Children’s Day, let’s celebrate with a day of action for children worldwide. Let’s understand what World Children’s Day is all about, what our social impact initiative RYTHM Foundation has done throughout the year to uplift kids, and start thinking about practical ways in which you can help make a difference.

What Is World Children’s Day?

With the theme Inclusion, For Every Child, World Children’s Day is the perfect opportunity to advocate for children’s rights, spread awareness, and raise yourself to help mankind. It was first established in 1954 and celebrated every year on 20 November to promote children’s welfare globally. It also marks the anniversary of when the UN General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child – stating that every child has civil, political, social and cultural rights, especially against discrimination.

Why Is World Children’s Day So Important?

Children are not just the future, they are our heart. Every day, we work to build a better world for them where they are not only healthy and safe, but also equipped to fulfil their potential.  World Children’s Day is a reminder that our work is far from done. Every child has a right to health, safety, education, inclusion, clean sanitation, nutrition, opportunities and so much more. It is our responsibility as a society to ensure these needs are met and their rights are fulfilled.   

This year’s theme Inclusion, For Every Child is a clarion call for us to double down on providing every child with their basic rights regardless of their race, geographic location, religion and gender identity. All children should have these rights no matter their race, gender, or economic status. World Children’s Day should be a day of action where we reiterate that promise to not only our children but also every child all over the world.

Discover Our Work With Children This Year

RYTHM Foundation invests in communities worldwide through strategic partnerships with non-profits, volunteering and community service. Today, for World Children’s Day, we highlight the ones that put children at its core. 

Differently-Abled Children Given A Platform To Shine

image 8 Ufahamu Wa QNET

Taarana School, our RYTHM-managed school for children with special education needs, hosted an annual day after a 3-year Covid-19-related hiatus. The excited children showcased their creativity through a play, dance and even singing that brought the audience to tears. The annual day doubled as an awards ceremony, with the children taking home certificates for their tremendous progress over the year. The day also showcased how Taarana has upheld this year’s theme of inclusion from its very inception.

#RYTHMConnect Talks Foster Inclusion

RYTHM Chairperson Datin Sri Umayal Eswaran facilitates a crucial online series featuring experts, partners and activists from across the world. They have open and essential conversations about development and inclusion to help spread awareness and broaden our horizons, especially regarding children. Here are some must-read highlights:

Lending Library Provides Textbooks To Malaysia’s Stateless Children

Unwavering in its belief that every child must obtain equal opportunity and access to learning, RYTHM has not excluded Malaysia’s stateless children. One such educational collaboration is with the Development of Human Resources for Rural Areas Malaysia (DHRRA) – an NGO dedicated to poverty alleviation and people empowerment initiatives – to enrol and keep undocumented children in school. The partnership primarily involves a textbook lending library initiative for marginalised stateless children whose families cannot afford the expensive learning materials.

Indigenous Children In Malaysia Receive Crucial Educational Assistance 

image 9 Ufahamu Wa QNET

RYTHM’s Community Adoption Programme (CAP) initiative helps with numerous learning programmes for indigenous children across Malaysia. For example, in Pahang, we support the children of the Bateq tribe with ‘Sekulah Bateq’ (Bateq School). In Sabah, with the help of the local NGO Good Shepherd Services, part of our aid includes delivering education to the Orang Asli children from 3 villages in the Kiulu sub-district. The academic support ventures aim to address educational gaps among children who previously faced hurdles such as poor access to schools and lack of internet connectivity.

Success Stories From The Field

image 10 Ufahamu Wa QNET

The best measure of success comes from case studies of children whose lives we’ve touched through our RYTHM projects. Here are just a few of them: 

RYTHM Weekends With Staff And PJ City FC

image 11 Ufahamu Wa QNET

QNET staff rose to the call to practice RYTHM once again by volunteering on a day out with children. Two activities were conducted at a remote school in Kerling, Selangor: a football clinic by officials from the QI Group-owned PJ City FC for the boys, and a costume jewellery-making activity for the girls. Through these activities, the children learnt important life skills like leadership, confidence and self-esteem.

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