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Seven Ways To Lift Your Spirits During The Workweek

You may like your job; you may even love it. But that doesn’t mean every day will be a home run and that you’re immune from the occasional tough week at work.

Perhaps multiple workplace demands have sapped you of focus. Maybe a spate of unclosed deals has zapped your positivity, or trouble in your personal life has affected work.

Whatever the cause(s), know that we’ve all been there, and the bad times don’t last.

Also, it is entirely possible to shed the stress, boost your spirits and stay positive. You just need to follow a few simple rules.

1. Ensure your workspace is neat and tidy

Coworking Space to Lift Your Spirit

Whether you work on your presentations in the corner of your living room or a dedicated office, your surroundings matter. And according to experts, the neater, the better!

Yes, a messy desk may help certain people. Nevertheless, for many, clutter equates to stress.

So Marie Kondo away the stuff you don’t need and ensure your workspace is clean and tidy. For an extra boost, add a potted plant — or three!

2. Rise and shine and focus

It’s no secret that sleep is essential to both our physical and mental well-being. Yet just as important is waking up happy and if you can manage it, 20 minutes earlier.

The first 20 minutes after one wakes — called the alpha stage — is when we’re most alert. That’s when the subconscious mind soaks up information. So once up, do something positive to start your day.

Try meditating, centring yourself and generally, just being grateful for your blessings.

3. Nourish your body

Eating right is as critical as waking right. And to keep your spirits up, never skip breakfast.

balanced breakfast nourishes your body for the day’s tasks and makes you calmer. So conversely, missing meals can harm the body and zap you of energy.

Breakfast aside, there’s a host of foods that can lift your spirits. Oats, berries and pulses are particularly good, and the Vitamin B6 in bananas can help synthesise dopamine, i.e. the body’s happy hormone.

4. Remove yourself from negative conversations 

Work, whether in the office or home or as a business owner, direct seller or entrepreneur, often entails meeting all sorts of people. But constantly engaging with pessimistic and cynical folks can be draining.

So, where possible, try removing yourself from negative conversations. Don’t hide away, though. Instead, try holding your tongue and not getting caught up in unreasonable problems brought on by toxic individuals.

Another option is to take charge of situations and steer conversations into more positive territory. It’s hard, of course. But doable.

5. Balance your energy

Even if you don’t skip meals and do manage to excise toxic people, you might need help in balancing your energy and giving positivity a boost.

That’s where the Amezcua Chi Pendant 4 comes in.

Developed following extensive research in the cutting-edge scientific fields of subtle energies and proportionate geometry, the Amezcua Chi Pendant 4 harmonises the body’s natural energy or “biofield” with that of our expressed lives.

This helps restore the body’s energy balance, enhance good feeling, and generally make you more positive.

The pendant also protects you from E-smog or electrosmog, i.e. non-ionising electromagnetic waves which emanate from devices and can disrupt mental and physical well-being.

6. Don’t sweat the things beyond your control

Of course, scoring a breakthrough or a deal with difficult client matters. Ditto notching small wins that can improve your outlook.

What doesn’t help is fretting about things beyond your control.

Yes, challenges crop up all the time. And yes, you may have very exacting standards. But you ought to also recognise that there’s a difference between handling situations and fixating on problems you can’t do anything about.

7. Lean on friends and family

It’s natural to want to withdraw from social situations when things seem tough. However, isolation can terribly affect your well-being.

Conversely, interacting with close friends and family can release mood-boosting chemicals in the body.

So instead of going into self-imposed lockdown, consider heading out for a meal with a friend or video calling family members.

These simple things will help increase your sense of belonging, make you calmer, improve productivity at work and give you the boost you need.

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