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Social Media Marketing Tips for direct selling

Looking for social media marketing tips for direct selling? You’ve come to the right place. This Social Media Day 2021, celebrate the most impactful platform of communication by sprucing up your online presence. Set yourself up for success with these easy-to-follow social media tips that will up your virtual clout.

What Is Social Media Day?

Started in 2010 by Mashable, Social Media Day is a celebration of the impact of social media on our day to day life on a global level. It has been a way to connect with various cultures, fandoms and movements. Since the global pandemic, it has been more used than ever to communicate with each other as we isolated at home. Today, let’s celebrate its brilliance.

How To Use Social Media For Direct Selling Success

Support Your Company’s Online Reputation

Social media marketing for direct selling

The first thing anyone does while looking for a new opportunity is to look it up online. Google and social media are not always right, but they are always relevant. People search for tips and advice online before they ask other people for their opinion. They only make an effort to add something to the conversation if it’s something negative. So, what is missing in the online space is some real reviews from successful QNET IRs.

Add your positive experiences online, share your heartfelt stories, and highlight the feedback of others that speaks to you. After all, putting the right information out there will lead you to bigger success in the long run. Remember, if the company thrives, you thrive.

Give Clout To Posts That Deserve The Hype

Amplify Social Media Posts Tips For Direct Sellers

Social media isn’t just about what you post. It is also about what you like and where you comment. The general rule of thumb is that if the article is negative, just like with a fire, the best thing to do is not give it any oxygen and it’ll go away on its own. Whereas, when you see something positive that you relate to or really enjoyed, show it some love, share it with your friends, and show social media that it is worth highlighting.

Make Yourself A Brand Everyone Wants

How To Do Personal Branding Social Media Tips For Network Marketers

This is one of the basic social media tips that will help hone what you look like online. If you haven’t already, sit down and figure out who you would be if you were a brand. Write down a sentence or two describing yourself as a brand that everyone would want to be friends with. What you post isn’t as important because when a stranger looks you up, they will find only your profiles and descriptions first, not your posts. So, focus on these four things and you are sorted.

1. Focus On Your Cover Photo

Create an eye-catching cover photo that shows people who you are. If you want people to think highly of you, your cover photo should show you clearly along with your name, and maybe some text about your mission that shows you off as the visionary and entrepreneur that you are.

2. Clear Profile Photo

Most people don’t think much about a profile picture. But as a successful entrepreneur, you need to pay a little more attention to how you appear online and in comments. Pay attention to what you’re wearing, smile big, and keep away from distracting foregrounds and backgrounds. This will make you come across as the rockstar that you are. You could even use a free app like Photo Room to remove the background on an existing photo and creating a bold profile picture.

3. Write An Impactful Bio

Your bio is there to help create a powerful first impression for your audience. A simple trick is to complete these sentences to suit you – “On a mission to help (fill in who your target audience is) to (fill in your goal)”. Or “Helping (fill target audience) to (fill goal)”. While you’re at it, create a Linktree account and add your social media accounts, your websites, along any important link you want people to see. What this does is create a mini-website for you, and you can include things that are important to you. This could include a link to QNET website, this QBuzz blog, or even a specific article you want to showcase on Aspire.

4. Edit Your Intro

The right intro can turn you from one of the crowds to a standout person. If you are full time at QNET, set your job as “Owner/Founder/CEO/Director at Self-employed”. If you own your own Facebook page, you can even say your name instead of self-employed. This automatically makes a strong impression. After this, add where you live and where you’re from. Under the website, add the Linktree URL you created in the previous step.

5. Tailor Your Posts To Your Audience

Showing off your lifestyle is great content for people in your life who are already your friends and family. One of the important social media tips, if you’re also using your profile professionally, is to add posts of value to your audience. Don’t just focus on how you are thriving, but also focus on the value you are adding to other people’s lives. Celebrate and showcase the victories of your downlines and your team. Highlight how you practice RYTHM in your life. This way, your audience can not only know you but also like you and trust you.

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