Friday, March 24, 2023

The QNET Opportunity

Tanzanians have been urged to embrace online business due to the growth of information and communication technology that facilitates easy access to products around the world. Msechu, a trainer at the sales and marketing college at Access College in Dar es Salaam, cites QNET, claiming that it has also been successful in online marketing. “Of course, internet business in Tanzania is still in the development stage, however it is certainly capable of growing rapidly,” he said.

Msechu has given the reason for the online business to flourish saying it includes the outbreak of communicable diseases due to gatherings, especially COVID-19. He also touched on the issue of infrastructure, saying the lack of good infrastructure, especially in urban areas, increases the need for online commerce.

“Tanzania is in the process of reducing poverty by improving livelihoods, and a large number of people living in rural areas, the internet business that enables people to sell and buy directly provides that solution. Basically, direct marketing takes advantage of the opportunity to sell products and services directly to consumers, wherever they are,” he said.

He said like other organizations, in online business the customer orders products online through a partner who delivers those products.

“This makes business easier for both buyers and sellers. Through online commerce, retailers have the opportunity to sell and increase sales of their products and enable buyers to access services at international standards,”

“A few companies over the years have entered and exited the market, some no longer exist, leaving many Tanzanians with the urge for online shopping without the service. About 15% of the people in the country use the internet so there are many online buyers,” said Msechu. In addition to those companies, Msechu cites QNET, claiming that it has also been successful in online marketing, making direct sales seemingly closing the gap on earlier players in e-commerce.

E-commerce coupled with direct-selling means safer and affordable access to goods and services for the consumer and likewise, a safer, a cheaper avenue for small businesses to grow.

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