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Turning Hard Water Soft

Hard water often goes undeterred because we’re so used to it! Yet, the water we deem as “clean” could indeed be hard water that may impact your daily life.

What Is Hard Water?

It is water that contains a lot of calcium, magnesium, minerals, and other soluble deposits. As water flows through soil, rock, and limestone, it collects these microscopic elements before reaching our taps. The higher the content of minerals, the harder the water.

But minerals are good, right? Well, yes and no, because too much of a good thing can be a disaster.

Why Is It Bad For You?

Hard water tastes bad – it has a metallic taste and a powdery texture. In addition to that, it roughens your hair and makes it dry and brittle after a shower. Hard water is hard on soap and reduces foam; therefore your body is left with a soapy film even after you take a wash. It also clogs your pores and dries your skin, making it prone to skin problems like eczema.

The biggest blow of hard water, though is that it causes build-up in your kitchen appliances and filtration systems:

  • Your taps will have whitish residue due to lime build-up
  • Your dishware will have stains you can’t remove
  • Your glassware will look dirty no matter how many times you clean them
  • Your water-based appliances like coffeemakers and blenders will have lime deposits
  • You might be in for costly repairs or frequent reinstallations
The soft water revolution: HomePure NovaSoft Starter Set
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Based on over 10 years of research on water quality across the world, HomePure developed the NovaSoft – your ideal water softener that controls the hardness in metropolitan tap water and renders it soft for the final water filtration process, and makes it non-intrusive on your water appliances. Paired for perfection with the HomePure Nova filtration system, HomePure NovaSoft easily softens water before passing it on to the HomePure Nova to give you clean, safe, and nourishing Pi-Water at home.

The HomePure NovaSoft Starter Set brings a range of benefits to your home:

  • Softens Your Water

It transforms hard water into soft water, taking away the bad taste, powdery texture, and cloudy look.

  • Protects Your Appliances And Filtration System

The softener prevents calcium and lime build-up in your kitchen appliances as well as your HomePure Nova Water Filtration System, adding longevity and durability.

  • Adds Convenience

With HomePure NovaSoft, it does not require electricity nor a brine tank, and it is very easy to install and change the cartridge.

  • Eliminates External Contamination

The softener comes encased for a clean and safe filtration process, leaving no room for germs or bugs to taint your water filter.

  • Assures World-Class Quality

The HomePure NovaSoft Starter Set is developed using European technology and manufactured in South Korea.Make a hard switch to soft water today because safe, clean, and great-tasting drinking water is a basic need.

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