Friday, March 24, 2023

Are You Ready For V-Malaysia 2022?

V-Malaysia 2022 is just around the corner — our first in-person V-Convention after two whole years! We are ecstatic to welcome you back and have spent months and months preparing for this very special occasion. We’re going to be back with a bang with all of your favourite things in one glorious space. 

What To Expect At V-Malaysia 2022

With world-class motivational speeches, state-of-the-art exhibitions, and so much more, here’s what you can look forward to at the upcoming V-Convention!

image 2 Ufahamu Wa QNET

The QNET Carnival

Witness our QNET Carnival first-hand once again with interactive booths, product offers, and so much more. You can experience our life-enhancing products in person, talk to our QNET staff, enjoy stage activities and even interact with your fellow IRs. 

Stage Presentations

Get inspired at our V-Malaysia 2022 main stage with thrilling presentations from QNET as well as a series of world-class motivational speeches essential for your direct selling journey. Witness training sessions as well as advice from our QNET VIPs and Founders. 

Product Launches

Stay tuned for exciting new product launches this V-Malaysia 2022. As with all V-Conventions, we unveil products and services we have worked on with love over the last few years. 

Award Ceremonies

At QNET, you are always rewarded for your hard work and loyalty. The main stage is the perfect place to honour the journey and success of our top QNET Achievers. Watch them receive their biggest accolades on stage in the presence of the QNET Family. You can also see qLearn graduates receive their diplomas and certificates from a QNET VIP live. 

QBuzz Game

V-Convention QBuzz Game QNET

As you wait in line to pick up your favourite products or in between presentations, don’t forget to play our brand new QBuzz game. Just subscribe to QBuzz to access it and keep yourself entertained and educated. 

We can’t wait to see you face to face after such a long time! Are you ready? #VMalaysia2022

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