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5 Merry Ways to Win the Holiday Business Game

While lucrative for some businesses, the end of the year can be frustrating for many entrepreneurs, including those in the QNET business.

Yes, the holidays can sometimes mean more marketing opportunities and gift sales. However, it can also involve a lack of productivity, more competition, slumps and cancelled appointments due to the demands of the season, and schedules and targets getting off track. 

All that being said, though, it is still very possible to navigate the last month of the year and finish strong; especially if one plans ahead, is ready to roll with the punches, and uses the time productively.

Think small(er) sales

Closing high-yield deals are awesome and can give your network a massive boost. Indeed, concentrating efforts on big deals may make better business sense over a whole year.

Yet, that can take up a lot of energy and resources. Conversely, smaller sales and projects can be an important consideration during the holiday season when the focus is split and many team members take time off.

What’s vital to remember here is never to drop the sales ball. And that small deals are just as important to boosting your QNET business’ bottom line.

Refocus your social media strategy

A sharp social media sales strategy is always important. And it’s even more necessary during the holiday season when customers are shopping for gifts or travel ideas.

What you don’t want to do, though, is simply share promotional posts or irrelevant content. Instead, ensure that your social network and customers get quality, curated content to help them make informed decisions.

Remember, a lot of content is bombarding customers over this period. So rather than add to the noise, perhaps try telling stories about the holidays and sharing about products and services that have been most useful.

Strengthen existing relationships

As you focus on new, quick sales, don’t neglect long-time customers. In fact, why not use this period to solidify ties with long-term supporters?

Can you pencil in meetings to connect with loyal clients? How about hosting a customer appreciation event for people to mingle and discuss the year they’ve had and their hopes for the coming 12 months? Perhaps just a simple phone call to check in?

Whatever you opt to do, bear in mind that your bid to strengthen bonds shouldn’t just be about sales in the now. Rather, look at building a solid relationship of trust and mutual respect with rewards to be reaped down the line.

Realign team goals

Sales and customers aside, don’t forget to connect with your team. Perhaps bring everyone together for a huddle, either with an eye on planning out the remaining days of the year or taking stock of the 12 months gone by.

Have your team members met their goals? Are you happy with the camaraderie? Now’s a great time to express gratitude and seek feedback about what could be done better.

Everyone wants to feel like they matter. So, engaging with your team, sharing experiences and strategising together for the future will ensure a much better year to come.

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Reflect on your mission and update your notes

Just as you and your team plan for the future, take the time to review your journey and the next steps

QNET business owners should consider what they want to change, what to maintain and what they hope to achieve. And these considerations can be aided by updating your notes and lists to serve as guides for the coming year.

Remember, lists help ensure a high level of productivity and to streamline action. Hence why our dear founders, Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark, as well as Chief Pathman Senathirajah continue to make and audit them.

So, freshen up your written plans and pen down some future targets.

Yes, 2022 has breezed by. And while the holiday mood is sure to start settling in, there’s still time to end on a solid note and begin the new year with focus and purpose.

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