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Top Weight Loss Tips From Belite Weight Loss Challenge Winners

Here are our top weight loss tips according to the winners of our successful Belite Weight Loss Challenge held in the MENA region. Whether you’re looking to drop a few pounds to fit back into your favourite t-shirt or have a more significant amount to lose after allowing them to pile on, your best solution might just be a weight loss challenge. There is nothing more effective than the support and accountability you get during a group challenge. Our Belite Weight Loss Challenge winners are proof of that!

What Is The Belite Weight Loss Challenge?

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In case you missed it, QNET’s latest health and wellness product is Belite123, a holistic solution to weight management. Through its integrated 3-step programme, Belite123 aims to help manage your diet and food intake throughout the day. Recently, we hosted our first-ever Belite Weight Loss Challenge for the MENA region. The winners were picked based on their ability to fulfil the rules as well as the total body weight lost during the eight-week challenge. In addition to the bi-weekly Participation prizes, the top three winners received a total of $6500 worth of prizes.

Our first-place winner, Ahmad Elhaj Sabha, a Palestinian living in the UAE, lost a whopping 13.6kg while completing each Participation Challenge throughout the 8 weeks. Coming in second is Ibrahim Yousef Jouda from Saudi Arabia who lost an incredible 15.7kg. Our third-place winner, Irfan Aziz of Kuwait, lost 12.4kg during the course of the challenge.

Easy-To-Follow Weight Loss Tips From Our Winners

  • Get A Companion For Your Weight Loss Journey

Before And After Ahmad Sabha Nessrin Elhaj Belite QNET

Our first-place winner Ahmad found that he had gained over 20 kilos during the pandemic and that got him looking for ways to lose weight.

“Between October and November, my wife Nessrin and I were discussing ways to lose weight. Then Belite 123 was announced, and it got us excited because we’ve been using other QNET products like Ole, EDG3, and Kenta. We know the quality of these products, and if QNET is producing a weight management product, we know that it will be a product that works. I wanted to prove to not only myself but to everyone else that the whole Belite programme works – from the buy-in to the community support.

“Gaining weight is fun but losing weight alone is a nightmare. What helped me the most was that Nessrin was there. The whole community concept between corporate and us, it helped keep us on track, to give our feedback, and to ask any questions we had,” shared Ahmad.

Not to be outdone by her husband, Ahmad’s wife, Nessrin Elhajj, also lost 8.3kg, earning her a spot among our eight finalists. Not a fan of conventional medication, she had her own reasons for trying Belite 123. “I went to the doctor and did blood tests before using Belite because I wanted to find out for myself. I saw the presentations, every presentation, and wanted to prove to myself that this will help me. I had high cholesterol and liver problems. My doctor wanted to give me medication for them, but I asked him to give me 2 months. I went back to him after the challenge for another blood test. I didn’t lose as much weight as Ahmad, but the blood test results were more important for me. My doctor called me back the next day with my results and he was amazed. It showed that my cholesterol level had reduced, and he told me that I didn’t need medication for my liver anymore.”

Participating in the challenge helped this power couple garner interest in their business as well. “Some distributors outside my network started asking me about Belite, about how it was for me. They were interested because they saw the effects of it on me,” shared Ahmad.

  • Create A Habit And Be Consistent

Another one of the solid weight loss tips from our first-place winner was to get into the habit of healthy eating and to be consistent. “ Over the years I’ve tried multiple diets. I think my result was because of a combination of Belite, the programme, and a good diet. It’s not that hard to follow the system. We always have issues of consistency. This 8-week program teaches us to get into the habit of being more consistent that will continue even after the programme ends.”

Our third-place winner Irfan had this to add after he found that Belite gave him a boost, mentally and physically. “I got organised when I started drinking Belite. Like in terms of food. I started eating on time and in the right portions. Because I had to have Belite before or after food, I organised my time and set notifications for when it was time to eat or drink Belite. It helped me reorganise myself and that helped me focus better.”

  • Don’t Treat Weight Loss As A One-Off Thing

Before And After Ibrahim Yousef Belite QNET

Think of it as weight management, rather than weight loss. According to our second place winner Ibrahim Yousef, healthy eating and Belite123 are not one off endeavours. “I tell people to calculate roughly how much they spend on outside food in a day. Then, take the cost of Belite and divide it over 3 months. Most of the time people don’t think that this product is for 3 months of consumption. They look at it as a one-off thing. Because of this, I then tell them to compare how much they spend on food in a day with the cost of one day of Belite 123. The results are always the same – the cost of Belite per day is a very small portion of the daily total spent on food.”

Ibrahim shared, “I show people my before and after pictures to prove to them the results of Belite. It’s the best marketing tool. These results allow me to focus on Belite in my business. I am an example that the product works.” Happy with his results, Ibrahim plans on continuing his Belite regimen as it helps keep him on track with his weight loss goal. “Even on days that I cheat on my diet,” he added.

  • Pushing Yourself Is Worth It

Before And After Irfan Aziz Belite QNET

Take the example of our third-place winner Irfan Aziz, who started taking the products only for the sake of the Belite Weight Loss Challenge. “I did not do anything the first 2 weeks of taking Belite. I ate the same way I did before that. I was just taking Belite and eating the way I always did. And I lost 2kg.”

It hit him then and he told himself, “You know what, Irfan? I think you should wake up and do something else.” This started his push to wake up earlier in the mornings and head out for a jog. “I even sent Prem videos while I was jogging to push him to jog as well,” he shared with a laugh.

Irfan applied something his upline, V Partner Sachin Gupta, always told his team in regard to the business, to the Belite Weight Loss Challenge. “Focusing on the results will not help. VP Sachin always tells us that the first few cheques are always a boost to make people think that if they can make 2 cheques, then why not 20 or 40. So it was the same with Belite. The 2kgs was like my first 2 cheques. I said to myself ‘Hey Irfan, you can do more.’ And that is how I became a Sapphire Star as well. By always telling myself that I can do more.

“I applied the same to Belite. One day I tried on my shirt and realised that it was loose. I wondered if I had lost weight. I checked and it motivated me to push myself even more. So, I did 5km then pushed myself to 10km. It hurt but I then pushed myself to 15km. It was a really good feeling at the end.”

Can you believe that all that and more was from just 8 weeks of taking Belite 123? Imagine how it could help you in a year. Get your own Belite 123 and try it out for yourself today! Click here for some more weight loss tips to help you get started. Don’t forget to share your experience with us on social media through the hashtag #daretobelite.

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