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Your Lifestyle Can Help Save The Earth

You can save the Earth for your family and the coming generations by adopting these simple practices in your day-to-day life. Planting trees is fantastic, but there’s more you can do for Mother Earth. These easy changes to your lifestyle will help you and your family be more eco-conscious. You are already a part of creating a Green Legacy as a member of QNET. Now, build your own personal planet saving habits.

Expert Tip: Change Your Mindset

Living an sustainable lifestyle doesn’t mean you are going to give up on your luxuries. It means the complete opposite. When you buy things that are of great quality, you are creating less rubbish. You are also buying something that you can hand down to your kids. You get to create healthy habits that last a long time and make you come across as the sophisticated rockstar that you are. Start thinking of an eco-friendly lifestyle as part of your brand, and watch the difference.

How Can I Save The Earth?

Apart from our easy Sustainability 101 guides, here are some simple things you can do in your daily life that will add up to a big impact in no time.

Opt For Statement Pieces
Eco Friendly Handmade Shopping Ufahamu Wa QNET

Forget the plastic boxes or the cheap fashion items in your wardrobe. You are one of a kind and therefore deserve products that are unique, crafted with love, and long-lasting. Opt for glass storage in your kitchen, buy clothes that you know are made with environmentally friendly materials and are meant to last a lifetime, chuck single-use plastic. Let everything in your life be a signature piece.

Go Paperless
Go Paperless Eco Friendly Lifestyle 1 Ufahamu Wa QNET

This is a very simple change in habit that can help save a lot of paper wastage. If there’s an option for you to go paperless and go for digital copies of bills and paperwork, swap to it. Replace printouts by handing out digital copies of your work. Not only will you save money on printer expenses and upkeep, you will also be more efficient and planet friendly.

Eat Local

Instead of buying your food and groceries from supermarkets that come with a lot of single-use plastic, buy from local farmers. Some fruits and vegetables are thrown away cause there are too many or too odd – see if you can buy these instead. They are often cheaper, and you will be doing your bit to save the earth from more wastage. Eating seasonal food also helps you with your goal of creating your own green legacy.

What personal earth-saving habits do you currently follow in your daily life? Which of these habits will you create this year? Let us know in the comments.

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