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Welfare, Energy and Molecular Reform. When it comes to QNET products, if you’ve heard these words before, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

You’ve got it, it’s just one and soft Amezcua brand! In this case, we are highlighting the Amezcua Bio Disc 3. You may have heard about how this smart disk re-regulates water molecules – ‘energizing’ them if you want to – but do you know its real use for your well-being?

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Most of us have plants in our homes. They promote peace in our environment and provide oxygen, and like all living things, they need nutrition. That is, light and water for photosynthesis, and soil fertilizers and nutrients. All of these are just different types of energy – which, as it happens, is the Bio Disc 3 designed specifically to harmonize.

Let’s take the Bio Disc debate to another step.

The advantage of Bio Disc 3 is that it repairs water particles, provides good cell moisture, but does not stop there. The disk itself is made up of a special combination of particles, particles and our intellectual property through a process that incorporates physics and a special geometric structure. This allows the disk to sync energy in its proximity, clearing energy barriers, and restoring proper flow and quality balance within our bodies.

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In short, this product is the result of innovative technology implemented in a simple tool. Take full advantage of Bio Disc 3. Learn as much as you can and share knowledge with others, as only then can we truly improve the life around us. 

Sales Tips:

As Diamond Star and V Partner Dev Wadhwani said, “It is my belief that you need to sell a product or opportunity for its benefit. Tell the truth, because you are creating something that will last a lifetime.” technically, selling your product can actually be done only when you have complete information.Learning about the science behind it is as beneficial as it is your responsibility, to represent yourself well to the sellers.



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Katika Upendo

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  1. maoni yangu nikwamba qnet huuza bidhaa zenye ubora wa hali ya juu na pia zina faida katika miili yetu hivyo qnet ni kampuni nzuri

    1. Asante, Tufuate kwenye kurasa zetu za mtandano ya kijamii kwa habari zaidi kuhusu QNET.

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