Webilearn EA 2 Ufahamu Wa QNET

This is the schedule of upcoming WebiLearn FREE online training on QNET products and services.

Team members and customers will look to you for information about the company, about its structure, its operations, about its products.

Your ability to answer their questions knowledgeably and truthfully will influence their decision to buy or to join your team. Take it upon yourself to join at least one WebiLearn training every month.

How to Register for WebiLearn
Register by sending an email to [email protected] with your details:

– Your name
– Your IR ID number
– The topic, date and time of the WebiLearn you have chosen.

See schedule in your local timezone
Click the +Google Calendar button in the corner of the schedule to open the schedule in Google Calendar in your local timezone.

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Katika Upendo

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